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  • Always check-in at the front desk before class.

  • Remove your shoes before entering the yoga space.

  • Turn your cell phone off or switch it to vibrate before class.

  • Respect the sanctity of the yoga space by refraining from loud conversations.

  • Remember to take all of your belongings with you when you finish the class.

  • Please remember to attend to your personal hygiene and odor before, during, and after class and clean up any water or sweat that may have made its way to the floor. We recommend bringing a small towel for your own use.

  •  Please enter the yoga space quietly, set up your mat calmly, and begin your practice. Remember—if you are rushed or frazzled, you bring that energy with you into the classroom.

  • Although we are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items, the door is locked and no one can enter our studio after the start of class.

  • We rent mats for $2,  towels, and bottled water for $1each.

  • Be considerate when pre-registering for any classes using the Vagaro App.  Our teachers are looking for you and expect that you will attend if you pre-register. Kindly cancel your pre-registration if you are unable to make a class a $16 drop-in fee may be applied to your account.

  • If you must leave early:  To respect the experience and final relaxation for your classmates, please collect your belongings and exit the class before savasana begins.

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