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Peter R. Radulovic, Ed.D. - Wellness Practitioner, Founder and Owner of Wellistics Infrared Sauna Studio is no stranger to the world of health and wellness. A life long resident of the Chicagoland area and the surrounding suburbs, Peter had a distinguished and rewarding career as an Illinois State Police Officer and accomplished martial artist.          


Peter's interest in the benefits of infrared therapy for health and wellness began on a very personal level. Having been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, more than thirteen years ago, He, unfortunately, began to experience first hand the debilitating effects of chronic pain and fatigue. With this diagnosis began a journey of self-discovery and a variety of different prescription medications.

Peter was unconvinced that the continued use of prescription medications was the best way to address and treat his own personal medical issues. Realizing deep down that it was up to him to be proactive and save his health, he challenged himself to find an alternative natural solution that was safe and effective in alleviating, managing and treating many of his own personal medical conditions and symptoms. Peter found that alternative and natural solution with the ongoing and continued use of a full spectrum infrared sauna.


Come and experience the clinically proven health benefits of gentle infrared heat in one of our state of the art full spectrum infrared saunas. Take the lead in reclaiming overall good health and in turn rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Let’s be “Wellistically Well” together. 

- Peter R. Radulovic, Ed.D.

Founder & Owner

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