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Yoga Instructors

Melissa Gottschall
Melissa Gottschall
Yoga Director - CYT 200

Melissa started practicing yoga many years ago. At first, her main goal was to solve some physical issues she was having. However, she quickly realized how much it was helping, not only her physical body but her mental and emotional state as well. Her anxiety and stress levels started to decrease and her confidence soared. She knew she had to share this with the world! She has a passion for helping people tap into the many benefits yoga provides on and off the mat. She is a busy mom of 2 that understands the demands of our fast-paced lives. It is so important to connect with yourself, to be present, and de-stress in this busy world we live in. She looks forward to meeting you on your mat!

Kristine Stukenborg
Yoga Instructor - RYT 200/Pranayama/Kids

Kristine discovered the power of yoga during a transitional time in her life. She started taking classes to get a good workout and quickly realized that there are many amazing benefits beyond the physical. She found that yoga made her feel calm and centered as well as powerful and confident. She discovered that her breath is a powerful tool that can always be used to help her feel grounded and focused.


She decided to complete her 200-hour YTT in the summer of 2016 so she could share yoga with others. She taught at Barefoot Yoga Loft for 4 years and co-owned the studio for 3 years. She loves sharing what she has learned and giving back to a community that has given so much to her and her family.

Nicole Gavin
Nicole Gavin
Yoga Instructor - RYT 200/Restorative/Yin/Kids

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer for the past 20 years, Nicole has a passion to encourage others to reach their fitness potential, to find joy in movement, and to embrace physical challenges. When Nicole added yoga to her regimen,  she discovered how it not only brought balance to her body from years of high impact workouts but how it mentally grounded her. She shares playful sequences, encouraging students to explore how postures truly make them feel, with much lightheartedness (because life is serious enough) and provides her students the tools to create their own mind-body connection on the mat, and throughout their life.

Tami Galbreath
Yoga Instructor E - RYT 200

Tami is a Safety & Ergonomics Supervisor in a large manufacturing facility who understands the importance of using the body to stretch. She is a trauma-informed yoga teacher who specializes in gentle and restorative yoga. Tami has over 100 hours of trauma training, certified in prenatal yoga, chair yoga, and is a level 1 Relax & Restore Teacher. Tami has trained with many different teachers and continues to take workshops & training to grow. She brings her nourishing voice and compassionate heart to each class she teaches. 

Nicole Green
Nicole Green
Yoga Instructor - RYT 200

Nicole received her 200 Hour Yoga Certification in 2014 from Reflections Yoga Studio followed by a certificate in Prenatal, Chair, and Kids Yoga.  She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance with trained focus on Hatha Yoga using a variety of practices studied including Vinyasa.  She will always be a student of yoga seeking fulfillment in new experiences on the mat while having fun.  As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nicole believes in mindfulness and respect of the body.  She believes we are here to enjoy the present moment while striving to enrich our lives for tomorrow.      

Ashley Wehrmann
Ashley Wehrmann
Yoga Instructor - RYT/RCYT 200

Ashley embraces the opportunity to guide others in their yoga practice, regardless of age, experience, or ability. She creates a safe and fun environment to explore all possibilities and truly believes yoga offers union and healing that stretches beyond the mat. Ashley feels yoga is about learning who you are by bringing more awareness to your body, mind, and spirit. As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, she believes in the goodness of people, the healing power of nature, and the importance of dreams. She received her 200 Hour Yoga Certification (RYT) from Reflections Yoga Center followed by a certificate in Prenatal Yoga and a Children’s Yoga Specialty Certification (RCYT).

Anna Armenise
Yoga Instructor - E-RYT 200

Anna was born and raised in Bourbonnais. Fitness and yoga have been a huge part of her life for the last 10 years. She is also a Radiation Therapist and a dog mom. She is very excited to breathe and flow with you at Wellistics!

Kimberly Stroud
Yoga Instructor - E-RYT 200

Kim believes yoga found her. She had always found an excuse to not exercise, too far, too know those excuses...She only started going to yoga because a studio opened literally around the corner from her and had classes right after work. Her excuses no longer worked and she thought it was a sign that it was named Dancing Dogs.

The first class she took was a heated Power Vinyasa class, it was hot, hard and she had no idea what she was supposed to be doing. You want my hand where? and my leg over there?? And what in the world is a chataranga ??.. She hated it!!

She told herself, give it 3 strikes.

First, class definitely ,Strike.. 1

2nd class, better , Ball 1

3rd class...Homerun

She fell in love with it all...even though she was still a bit confused on what a chatanraga was.


She loves the physical and mental aspects of the practice and loves how yoga grounds you and builds strength and confidence. Her teacher always reminds her, "How you are on your mat, is how you are in your life!"

She immediately wanted to teach. She signed up for her first 200 teacher training in 2013 and have continued training.


She loves creating connection. Connection between you and your body, mind and soul. Also, connection to the community. The community that yoga creates is supportive and empowering.


She absolutely loves teaching and dogs. She has 5 little ones at home and is President and founder of the rescue organization, Chain Free Beaufort, Beaufort, SC.

Her primary training is in Power Vinyasa based upon the Baptiste Power Vinyasa system/method/style.

· 200 hour TCP, Dancing Dogs/MBody Beaufort, SC (2013)

· 100 hour Edge Advanced Teacher Training, DDY, Bluffton, SC (2014)

· 27 hour Art of Assisting, Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, Charlotte, NC (2014)

· 96 hour Baptiste Level One Training, Sedona, AZ (2014)

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